If I Can Save You Countless Hours Of Tedious Work, While Making Your Ecommerce Store Your Personal ATM Machine.

Are you ready to CUT OUT the SLOW DRIP frustration and finally break through with Ecommerce Automation?

Here is the cold truth…

They Lied To You

They told YOU that its possible for anybody to “make a massive income online” just follow a proven system and your bank accounts would light up with endless income by clicking a few buttons!

Let Me Take You Back To Where This All Started…


I know, I was there & I pinch myself every day that I’m alive, that I’m in this position.

That I can care for my 2 beautiful children!

Where I grew up wasn’t a pretty picture. Street stuff. Nights & Nights, which almost led me to my death. I’m a self-taught programmer. A pretty damn good one.

That was my ticket out...

In 2007 I caught the interest of a mysterious man (He Had Crowds Around Him), Later that year he told me to come out to his office. He hired me to be his special programmer to replace the waste in his office. Soon I was up to my ears in projects for him and his friends. Turned out that it was a secretive underground click of gurus.

And I wish I could tell you that what I saw was people helping people. It happened, (time to time). But for the most part people were being played for suckers. And it left a bad taste in my mouth.

They were telling people that it couldn’t be done without this special system
or that BS software, and it was all smoke and mirrors. These guys were good.

But what made me so angry that I wanted to throw my laptop out of the corner office desk they gave me was that it didn’t have to be this way. But there’s something I didn’t tell them. A secret weapon that I walked with. It was an older Australian man. A programmer with 20 years’ experience on even me. And that’s saying a lot.

I met him at this underground marketing event in the city… I offered him to go to lunch. after a little grapple, he agreed and we called a cab. I had so many questions to ask. but I was holding my mouth shut not to overwhelm the guy with my energy and enthusiasm.

I could tell he been through it all, just by the way he spoke to me. The one hour lunch felt like an eternity as I only wanted to ask him the right questions and get to the points fast. I ordered manhattans, to loosen him up as we waited for the food to arriveat that point, it was mainly background and small talk.

The waitress screwed up my food, but I didn’t fuss as he ate the most expensive steak on the menu. after he finished his food … He answered a few key questions I had been
contemplating the whole time to ask…

I jotted these notes down in my head. paid the bill and we were walking out of there like nothing ever happened.

I jotted these notes down in my head. paid the bill and we were walking out of there like nothing ever happened.

But I owe him a great debt of gratitude because that one lunch changed everything

I got the rundown. (Payback is a bitch). It started me on the journey I’m on today. It’s the secret sauce.

And the numbers don’t lie.

We are pulling this in MONTHLY now.


(YES! That was me in 2003)

After buying countless online money making courses, and never getting any real actionable info, you never got any REAL traction either…

You always felt there was a missing piece to the puzzle.

You had FEAR, You wanted to QUIT..

You consulted with friends and family members, only for them to tell you some cold harsh words…GET A REAL JOB.

BUT YOU KNEW there was something out there -OR- Some one that can lead you in the right direction to success..


This all started for me in 2001

I had a very bad head trauma and I almost died. I woke up in the hospital a days later and didn’t even know I was there, I was minutes from death the doctor told me (most people with my injury didn’t survive).

it was very SCARY to say the least.

So without all the long & gory details...

That left me 50K in debt In Hospital Bills. I had NO WAY TO PAY IT!

It was late 2002, I was coming off a massive depression and was living in my fathers basement at the time. Being 50K in debt, and living with your parents…

I became driven to find a way out.

But I Knew I Could Not Sit There & DO Nothing About It.

I had this SUPER large BILL and I was broke, so i had to tuck in my pride and beg my family to take out a loan to pay this HUGE hospital bill off. I swore I would repay it some how, some way! and from that day forward...


I had done it all from selling eBooks in 2003, to building my very first eCommerce Arbitrage Platform from 2004 - 2006. I ventured into Banner Advertising, PPV Marketing, Kindle Books Creation, Adwords PPC, iPhone apps, SEO and Email Marketing.

You name it, I was trying to do it! All on a Shoe String Budget to say the least…

You don’t want to see my closet filled with Internet Marketing courses since 2003 (its embarrassing).

I was DESPERATE Through The Many
Years Of Complete & Utter FAILURE

I would make some money here and there, but nothing that would let me QUIT this endless hell of client work & every client i worked for thought they owned me & my time!!

The Cold Reality Was…

I only had a few hours a day I could dedicate to my marketing dream, while the bills would pile up and I could I found my self constantly rubbing 2 pennies together just to make ends meet.

To make it online, you needed a product.. but that came with content, members area, sales material, hosting, auto responders, payment gateways and so much more .. it was VERY overwhelming.

YET each business model had its own many variables that had me spiraling in many different directions....


(Sound Familiar?)

BETWEEN 2013 and 2016 (My Turn Around Years)

I met some multi millionaires that we dominating Facebook Traffic and Print On Demand,

But I could not understand how they were making these stupid little designs and pulling in 10 to 20K a day selling t-shirts.

I was real good at Internet Marketing and was making a ton of money already…


To sell shirts, you needed:

  • ...An Expert Designer (who actually knows how to make shirt designs)
  • ...A Creative Eye For Layering Niches & Passions.
  • ...A Platorm That Would Print These Shirts For You.
  • ...To Launch Hundreds Of Shirts And Only 3-5 Of Them Would EVEN Make It.
  • ...To Understand TShirt Traffic.. WAY Different Then Internet Marketing Traffic.

So after wasting thousands of dollars on failure.. I almost gave up!


IN 2003 I NEVER had FACEBOOk...Back Then Traffic Was HARD!

But Today.. Someone With Very Little To No
Experience & Money Can Have The Financial Success
That They Have Always Wanted !

See, These millionaires I met were NOT better then me, they were not smarter then me… I can even guarantee that YOUR even smarter then I am!!!

Something I Utterly lacked For YEARS, Upon Years!

Despite all the lies you been told you can create a very profitable online business by following some very simple PROVEN but effective steps Because no matter what the numerous gurus & fly by night marketers have repeatedly told you…

Its almost impossible to build a profitable online business without the right systems & processes Just like you can’t build a brick castle with beach sand.

Not Only will I help you get that foundation!

But Ill also blow the doors of exactly how we did 215K IN THE DEADEST MONTH OF ECOMMERCE

using a very simple marketing system on world’s biggest & most advertising friendly platform - Facebook.

So sit right there and I’ll show you everything you need to know to finally have the success & freedom you’ve been working so hard for!

Chances Are…

You may already be doing a few of these things, just not in the right order and/or lacking the focus needed to connect the dots together.

See right now you are probably very close, but just not QUITE there right?

You feel like you get it.

Every day you see the 6 and 7 figure success stories around
you but SO far you haven't tasted it yourself...

Now I’m going to make a prediction here

You've likely tried launching your own store, tshirts or physical products, you have tried some FB ads, but aren't getting the sales or results you see around you.

You’ve gotten frustrated seeing screenshot after screenshot leaving you clueless on how to do it yourself.

I feel your pain! Ive been there!

What’s even worse is when you see these GURUS talk about how:

“if you’ll only believe in yourself and just
keep pushing you’ll get the success”

I call bullshit and a straight out lie because if you just ‘keep following’ the wrong WAY you’ll never get success your looking for. See success doesn’t just happen by accident, not the least in online businesses. I am sure you’ll agree that a top selling product or design doesn’t just get created by an accident nor do the buyers stumble upon it by accident.

So What if I can show you the way to take OUT ALL the guesswork by following proven yet guided, easy & simple steps that bring us massive paydays?

What If We Can Remove YOUR Fears Of Worrying
If What You’re Doing Is Going To Work Or Not?

Sure some people have talked about it...But no one has ever offered you something like this before EVER!

The truth is, you’re not too far from having your own big paydays. Matter of fact, its EVEN easier than you think!



During those times I met a VERY successful T-shirt Marketer. He was spending over 5K a day on Facebook Traffic and was making millions a year profiting from it. He got started in T-shirts in 2014 yet and was very driven to see its success.

(We still are very good friends) but ill leave his name out for publicity reasons.


He looked at my T-shirt operation I had been building up and gave me SOUND advice on WHY I was failing miserably.

In return I did the same for his Internet Marketing & Software Business. It was a WIN WIN..

It Made Me Rethink EVERYTHING I Was Doing!!

I became driven to find out my reasons for my failures and FIX THEM

I asked myself...

- What was the bottle necks I was facing?
- What was I doing wrong with TSHIRT traffic
- What was wrong with my designs
- What can I do to make this easy that a TEAM can do this for me

I went to work day & night for over a year and spent over 150K on a System That could…

  • Have a massive Done For You Catalog that I can expertly manage ALL my Print On Demand inventory.

  • Have an Advanced Admin System that my team of designers can upload to and we can deploy in seconds.

  • Have all my Store Mockups & FB Ads Images Auto Generated on the FLY.(saving massive wasted man hours)

  • Be able to Truly Click 1 Button and have my product ready to sell in seconds.(again saving massive wasted time)

  • Have a place I can Manage Multiple Stores and the products linked to them.

  • Have a Quality Assurance System in place so we did not waste money on bad products.

  • Have all my Proven Targeting in one place. so I didn’t have to guess or forget what was working.

Once the system was 98% built and ready for my team. I consulted with a good friend of mine.

"Ross Carrel"

He was a monster at running tshirts just like the guy I met way back..

I told him about this super automation system I created and was real excited about..


It was May of 2016...

We Cracked The Code & We Did 15k In 11 Days Off The New System With A Brand New Store & A Brand New Ad Account By Clicking A Few Buttons In My System!

the results were AMAZING!


People wanted to know what we were doing, how could we get stores up so fast to profit with a click of a few buttons.

So we released what I created called COMMERCIFY at the time...


We Started To See People Make Profits Within 72 Hours Of Using Our System!

We started to see people make their investment back in 1 week!

We Had Students Go On To Make 50 Over 180K Following Our Proven Strategies, Our Amazing Theme While Managing All There Inventory With Our System.

Patric Bernard

Jerry   Jones


SO I Hired Even More Developers & I Worked Countless Hours Days & Nights Along With My Team.

Making A Newer Version That Would Make My Automation System EVEN BETTER Than It EVER Was!

What If SLINGLY...
Automated Every Tedious Aspect
Of Your eCommerce Business?
What If SLINGLY...
Handed You Complete FULL Product Lines You Can Sell Of Both Physical & POD.(print on demand)
What If SLINGLY...
Took Gave You Auto Fulfillment So
You Never Have To Touch A Product Again!

I worked out the industries best margins so you can get started selling within a few clicks?

I spoon fed you EXACT time tested traffic techniques and targeting libraries so you didn’t have to GUESS what works?

Done For You Print oN Demand

With the click of a few buttons, you can create your own FULL POD product lines, or you can use the thousands of designs we already provide you.

This includes, Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Tote Bags Leggings, Pillows and MORE!

Automated Physical Catalog

Imagine having your own product sourcing in china? Too good to be true. I worked out the deal with a company that will not only provide you massive hot physical items to sell with 1 click, but also FULFILL them for you!

This is truly automated physical production YOU never have to touch a single product JUST START SELLING!

Run An eCommerce Agencyg

We give you access to the SAME admins our team uses to manage print on demand and physical product inventories, along with the ability to create product lines for your store. With the agency features you can now do this for clients opening massive income opportunities as we do ALL the work and fulfillment for YOU.

Product Sourcing & Arbitrage Module

Imagine being able search with 1 click deployment - from Amazon, eBay & Ali Express within 1 module. We provide you the metrics on whats selling, seller ratings and so much more. This will put you light years ahead of the competition that are sourcing manually.

Auto Generated Store & Facebook Ads

We create all the mockups & store images for you, giving you the same deployment power of what saves us countless hours to deploy. Not only that, we create Facebook Approved and High Converting Facebook Ads Images, you can use in your campaigns that we have tested and tweaked over thousands of dollars spent!

Multi Store Manager

With Slingly you can connect as many stores as you would like to manage. We generate product lists and CSV data so you can always be in the know and provide this to clients or your own fulfillment team if you like.

Full Targeting Library

We have spent over $200K in testing audiences and demographics in many HOT niches. We are literally going to hand you this to copy n paste in your own campaigns! Taking ALL the guess work out on whats working!

Amazing Integrations

We are integrating with amazing selling systems!

* Shopify for the best platform to sell your products.

* Trex WP for advanced personalization opportunities.

* ClickFunnels with AUTO FULFILL, Just monstrous

* WooCommerce another amazing sellers platform for WP.

* GearBubble integration to sell our done for you designs.

Bonus: If All That Isn’t Already Amazing...

We Setup Your Store For You! The same way we setup our multi 6 figure stores & gave you our secret SHOPIFY conversions theme that cost over 8K in development and make us over 1 million in less then 1 year?

Would That Excite You?


Since 2015 I had made alot of industry contacts, I got to know the owners of HUGE print houses and leaders in the Print on Demand and Physical Product Space...

I masterminded with Many of them, I learned what was working and studied it refusively on what was working and put it into my system.

I Built A TEAM Around This To Viciously Test EVERYTHING!

I Hired 3 FULL TIME Expert Designers To Make Premium Designs.

We Created Systems & Processes People Could Follow With Ease .

We Consulted With Insider FB Reps On What Worked & What Didn’t.

We Spent Over $100K In Facebook Traffic So We Could

Over 150K SPENT On Developing This Platform

Nancy Fahey

Kim Smith

On top of ALL that...

We hired EXPENSIVE theme developers to tweak our theme, and put on heat map Software to help optimize our site to MASSIVE conversions.

We Are Handing It To You!

We explored how much a site completely built and managed by Slingly would go for if we wanted to flip it.

We just got a quote back that if we
want to sell our store we can get 200K for it!

We Used Our Systems
On The WORST Days Of Ecommerce...

The Worst Months of Ecommerce


Benny Wong

Jon Pastorizo

Full Print On Demand Product Lines Done For You

Automated Physical Product Fulfillment

Never Have To Hire A Designer Again

Automation System Takes Away The Work Of 5 People

Multiple Selling Platform Options

Product SourcingAt Your Finger Tips

Group Design Efforts...We Design What You Want

Expert TrainingTo Duplicate Our Success

The Best Ecom Automation System On the Market

Here's WHY - Slingly is the last ecommerce solution you will ever need

You Get An Immediate Advantage

Slingly, puts you light years ahead of the ecommerce competition. Not only will you be able to setup and sell and create top quality product lines super fast (with unlimited potential) on as many stores you like!

You Will Be Up In Business In Less Then A Day...
Plus My Team Will Setup The Configurations For You!

You also Get An Ongoing Advantage

We have a full team of full time developers and designers. This platform has already been in development for over 2 years, with 150K already spent on its growth. Which means, you get an ongoing advantage as we add more designs, more products, more platform integrations and more time saving features we are already developing!

Lastly You Get A PERMANENT Advantage

Besides ongoing updates, additional training, incredible and exclusive resources. We will show you the ins and out of 6 and 7 figure shopify businesses. This includes LIVE QA’s,software how tos and a growing Slingly Academy which you have permanent access too. Plus insider industry deals you cant get anywhere else.

For Only A Few Days

We are giving you a personal invitation and short window opportunity for you to join our community and use the platform that I have spend over 150K in development!

Not to mention the countless hours and time me and my team spent in making this the most useful and best platform, helping our students and friends.

Creating amazing trainings (Slingly Academy) and giving you THE BEST ecommerce time management, store setup, and auto fulfillment tool with multi platform integration that exists on the market.

FACT: We Have Thousands Of Professionally Made Designs Already
Loaded In The System, That Come With Professional FB Ads & targeting..

I have worked out insider deals for you

  • Industry Best Margins (only volume sellers can get)

  • Integrations With Top Platforms

  • Full Product Lines You Can Sell Immediately

  • Fast Shipping & Hands Free Fulfillment

This exclusive feature tops the cake

Automated Hands Free Physical Fulfillment

What If We Spoon Fed You Quality, Unique Physical Products, That Not Only You Can Deploy In Seconds To Any Platform We Integrate To..

You Can Even Use Slingly As An Agency Business Model & Manage Clients Stores Hands Free...
While We Do The Work & YOU GET PAID!

We Also Did This For Click Funnels!

Here are the benefits of taking action today

We Will Provide...

Amazing Support

Our team has been dedicated and using this platform for over 2 years now we are glad to help you in any aspect from store setup to configurations to software How To’s and design requests and more!

Amazing community

We also have a community of over 5 thousand members, many who’vhe become good friends who want to help each other succeed. Also included in this group are industry best marketers who put their heart out to provide value to their members, students and friends.

Amazing training

I am not only handing you access to our 2 week Facebook Ads and Zero Inventory boot camps which gave the foundation to successful ecommerce, but we are going to spoon feed you whats working now no fluff and actionable steps for you to get profitable as quick as possible.

Amazing Software

I am known in the industry as a trend setter, you will find a better made, more profound and feature rich platform. I have dedicated over 2 years of my life, with my 18 years of self taught programming experience to make this the BEST of the BEST. You gain access to that TODAY when you join our community.

Here Are The 2 Current Situations You Face

Situation 1

You can continue down the same beaten path for the next few years and can continue struggle as hard a I have. In the end you will waste more time and money and will probably end up quitting and giving up like the 96% of people who venture into the realms of BIG money online.

You can follow more GURUs and buy more cheap thrown together and rehashed information and STILL not have any system or automation in place to actually make it work.

If you read my letter, that one Australian guy I met at the underground event in the city changed my life forever, he taught me about automation being the key and critical advantage you need to have to enter any market.

At that time, software technology was no where as fast and fierce as it is today.. but the ones who figured out went on to become multi millionaires

Which leads me to…

Situation 2

You’re ready to stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You sick of seeing 6 and 7 figure success stories and want so BADLEY to do it for yourself.

You are closer then you think, you KNOW deep inside you NEED the right knowledge, the right systems and automation processes to skip years of learning curve so that you can concentrate on selling.

This is the best time EVER to be online, and with Social media growing more & more viscously, you need a competitive advantage, something that has been through the trenches and will provide you the results as long as your willing to work the system.

There is no smoke and mirrors here. No Bull Shit lies. Every word you read today on this page is the direct output of my experiences learned from 2001.

Its time now you stop playing games and make the investment in yourself.

below is your access to a life changing opportunity. Along with a team of 6 and 7 figure experts that will help you along the way.

This Incredible Offer Is Only Open For...

The Risk Is On Completely On US.
Our 32 Day Money Back Guarantee

If You Take Action With Our Program & Solid Training From Our Team; And Cannot Make This Work...

You Have 32 Days To Use The System(s),
Trainings & Community.

I am so confident that you will enjoy the ease and use of Slingly & the quality of our training is bar none some of the best that exist online.

As many of our customers have said our team & software have been the best investment they have ever made. I still want to put the risk on us with our 32 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This Incredible Offer Is Only Open For...

This platform and results you see on this page, are a direct result of YEARS of hard effort and over 150K put imto Slingly to product REAL results from REAL people we know the system works if your willing to work the system. I want YOU IN with US!